June 26, 2019
Companies Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Screen for Problematic Employees

Watch how a startup named Fama Technologies is using artificial intelligence to help weed out problem employees - before or after they join an organization. Read more


April 12, 2019
This Company Uses AI to Flag Racist and Sexist Comments From Potential Hires

Hiring the wrong person can be costly. While background and reference checks are standard for most hires, they don’t always catch everything. Fama Technologies is offering companies another layer of pre-employment screening by using artificial intelligence to help identify risky hires before they cause a problem… Read more


November 2, 2018
“Extreme vetting” for hiring

Several companies offer to set the pattern-matching power of AI on the social feeds of job hopefuls to uncover posts that are racist, sexist, violent, or otherwise objectionable… Read more


October 11, 2018
A messy digital footprint can cost you a job

Social media has transformed the job market in just a decade. On one side are employers taking an increasing interest in the digital footprints of job applicants. On the other, are those applicants and employees who want to make sure they catch a recruiter’s eye because they are a good fit for the job — not because of a Facebook photo that is embarrassing, or worse. Read more


August 5, 2018
Past Social Media Posts Upend Hiring

More companies are scouring job candidates’ online personas for racist and other red-flag comments. That hasn’t kept social-media trails from morphing into hiring minefields. Read more


October 8, 2017
How artificial intelligence is reshaping recruitment, and what it means for the future of jobs

“This (AI-based program) is something an employer will apply alongside a suite of other tools to make a hiring decision,” says Ben Mones, co-founder of US-based startup Fama, which helps companies spot candidates who may have a violent streak or are racists or misogynist. Read more


May 19, 2017
How AI is Changing Your Job Hunt

A study by AI company Fama found that pictures of drinking on social accounts don’t imply bad job performance. Such photos are so common that screening for them means eliminating huge swaths of people. By contrast, bigoted comments or posts about drugs were linked to subpar performance. Read more


October 14, 2016
The tech that hiring managers are using to screen your social media posts

The process of manually sifting through thousands of posts is incredibly time consuming for anyone. But for an algorithm, it takes only a second. And if you work in HR, that algorithm could be a godsend. Read more


May 18, 2016
Can Using Artificial Intelligence Make Hiring Less Biased?

But companies don’t want candidates with stellar skills if they are racist, sexist, or violent. A company called Fama offers to find these problems through automated searches of the web, including news coverage, blogs, and social… Read more


December 23, 2015
Why social media profiles of visa applicants, job seekers and borrowers are being scanned

A Los Angeles entrepreneur developing technology for social media background checks sees value in trawling the Web to guess how people behave offline, a controversial topic after the San Bernardino terrorist attack led lawmakers to demand online scrubs of visa applicants. Read more



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