Helping Enterprise companies prevent toxic behavior and reduce brand risk

Fama helps protect companies from hiring and brand risk by finding indicators of toxic behavior, culture fit, and performance. By applying machine learning to publicly available online content and internal HR data throughout the employee lifecycle, we help ensure that when it comes to understanding your people and safeguarding your reputation, you don’t miss a thing.



Enabling People Risk Management

Standard background checks don’t catch everything they should. While traditional checks help verify important information, few screening methods can ensure that current and future employees are aligned with your mission and values.

Even fewer can predict whether they’ll exhibit toxic behavior. As sexual harassment, bigotry, and other workplace issues move to the forefront of our society, companies that rely on standard background checks risk brand damage and lost authenticity.

Fama brings compliant, AI-based employment screening to help you create a productive, welcoming workplace and get you the information you need.


To date, Fama has found over:


instances of misogyny


insinuations of violence


instances of bigotry


instances of criminal behavior


We believe IN A WORLD WHERE...

1. Employees embody your mission AND values

At Fama, we believe that your employees are an extension of your business and reflect who you are as an organization. We help fill the gaps so you can gain a fuller understanding of those who represent your business and help your company stay true to its mission and values.

2. Online AND offline actions ARE held to the same standard

We believe that a person's digital footprint may be more important than their driver's license in identifying who they are—and that when choosing who represents your organization, toxic behaviors and statements should carry the same weight, regardless of where they're made.

3. No employee Worries about harassment & discrimination

We believe that no one should have to come to work fearing harassment and discrimination. Fama delivers new and relevant insights to help you strengthen the integrity of your brand promise while creating a more productive and welcoming workplace for all.



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Make toxic behavior a thing of the past