Fama For Management

Proactively manage people risk inside your business.

No more surprises!




Create recurring schedules for candidates to be re-screened on a regular basis. You can even create different schedules based on role, department, seniority, etc.




Observe changes in behavior over time. Quickly reference previous reports for organizational learning or documentation purposes.




A combination of historical reporting, live alerting, and predictive scores will give you the tools you need to turn data into decisions.



Why Fama For Management?

Corporate Policy Violations

Collaboration and free-flow of information are the keys to an innovative workforce but it also poses risks. Fama will help identify instances of sexual harassment or theft, so your company can address issues before they hit the press.

Insider Threats

Dozens of companies with sensitive client information and valuable intellectual property trust Fama to catch insider threats before they happen. 

Team Dynamics

The majority of employees would rather leave a job than report a toxic employee. Fama can help identify issues that could cost you your workforce.

Interested in learning more?



Research Studies

Fama has spent years compiling research and studying the impact of online behavior to offline behavior. Using this information we have crafted several research studies centered around the various types of information you will see on reports.

Legal E-Book

New technologies bring new legal questions. Fama sat down with one of the nation's top employment lawyers to get you the answers you need on the legality of social media screening.