Fama provides cloud-based software and consultative services to turn online identity data into actionable insight. For the first time, employers can access previously unknowable information about how an individual chooses to present themself online. Here’s how it works.



One of the hardest things about manual social media screening is finding the right profile. Finding someone with a common name, such as John Smith, can take hours. Fama has spent years developing human-supervised algorithms that find a person's set of public social media profiles with pinpoint accuracy.



Our clients define what sort of social content is relevant to a hiring decision—after all, you know your business (and what makes a good employee) better than anyone else. Using your preferences, Fama’s intelligent filtering surfaces just the information that matters and eliminates distracting white noise.



Fama doesn’t just give you more data. We deliver the comparative analytics you need to act on it. Our team of social media experts will help you establish a fair and consistent process for integrating social data into your vetting framework.


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