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New technologies bring new legal questions. Fama sat down with one of the nation’s top employment lawyers to get you the answers you need on the legality of social media screening.

Why Online Screening?


Is online screening right for your company? Read our one-pager to learn more about how companies are currently using online content and what they are finding. 


The Cost of A Toxic Hire


Toxic employees can go unnoticed for years and their acts of harassment, bigotry, fraud and other violations of company policy can ravage the bottom line. Working with our clients and the broader research community, we’ve found fresh data showing that toxic hires cost more than you might think.

The Cost of Sexual Harassment


When employers consider the costs of workplace harassment, they often focus on legal costs. In reality, workplace harassment comes at a steep cost to those who suffer. Beyond that, the true cost of harassment includes decreased productivity, increased turnover, and reputational harm—all of which hurt the bottom line.


Research Studies


Fama has spent years compiling research and studying the impact of online behavior to offline behavior. Using this information we have crafted several studies centered around the varying types of information you will see on social media.




Fama sat down with James Wu, Founder and Managing Partner of Wu Castillo, P.C., to discuss how businesses can stay compliant and ahead of the curve when using social media screens