THE Toxic Employee Handbook

Few hiring managers, recruiters or HR professionals are fully aware of the tremendous costs that come from having a single toxic employee. Written by Dr. John Sullivan, the “Michael Jordan of Hiring,” this handbook will clarify the range of damages caused by toxic employees and show you how to develop a hiring process that prevents toxic employees from ever coming on board.

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Legal EBook

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New technologies bring new legal questions. Fama worked with one of the nation’s top employment lawyers to get you the answers you need on the legality of digital screening.

Online Screening


Is online screening right for your company? Read our one-pager to learn more about how companies are currently using online content and what they are finding.

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Research Studies


Fama has spent years compiling research and studying the impact of online behavior to offline behavior. Using this information, we have crafted several studies around the types of behaviors you will see online and their costs to your organization.


The Cost of a Toxic Hire

Toxic employees can go unnoticed for years and their acts of harassment, bigotry, fraud and other violations of company policy can ravage the bottom line. Working with our clients and the broader research community, we’ve found fresh data showing that toxic hires cost more than you might think.

The Cost of Sexual Harassment

When employers consider the costs of workplace harassment, they often focus on legal costs. In reality, workplace harassment comes at a steep cost to those who suffer. Beyond that, the true cost of harassment includes decreased productivity, increased turnover, and reputational harm—all of which hurt the bottom line.


Financially Motivated Internal Threats

Credit scores are often a failing indicator of relevant debt. They examine a person’s credit history rather than the immediate circumstances that drive them to steal from a business. How can employers identify those situations where an employee may have their back against the wall, driven to do something drastic?

Current Employees and Cyberbullying

Employees are on social media more than ever. Interpreting interactions between employees on social media without context can be difficult but if your managers are bullying their direct reports online you need to know. What do you do if you come across a post that looks like cyberbullying?


Interpreting Racist Tweets

Hiring managers are tasked with preventing bigots from entering the organization. However, in today’s divided political climate, there is often disagreement over how to interpret comments. What do you do if someone makes a post that may be inappropriate but may also have alternative interpretations?

Identifying Malicious Computer Hackers

Corporate data breaches have dominated the headlines over the past few years. While high-profile attacks typically originate far from your headquarters, many of these incidents involve trusted insiders that open the door for hackers. How do you identify those malicious insiders before it is too late?


Online Media



Fama sat down with James Wu, Founder and Managing Partner of Wu Castillo, P.C., to discuss how businesses can stay compliant and ahead of the curve when using online screening: