Social Media influencers are a powerful channel for marketing. Recent consumer blowback from unsavory influencer content are giving advertisers and their agencies a reason to think twice about their influencer choices. Fama’s platform reveals brand risk for your influencers.

prospective and current influencers

Fama provides the industry-leading AI-powered social media screening platform to screen influencers in advance of contracting and monitors them over the lifetime of the relationship and even beyond:

  • Detect harassment, bigotry and risky behavior

  • Scan entire public web and social presence

  • Automated image/video flagging

  • Fully customized search criteria



Influencers build their followings by being innovative and engaging with their content. While consumers today understand that not every moment of an influencer’s public content is authentic, bigoted, hateful and otherwise unsavory content creates a special set of problems for brands and their advertising agencies. Three key considerations have emerged:

  • First, unacceptably controversial content is often posted early in an influencer’s own brand development so brands assume that large follower counts are enough.

  • Second, except for blatantly inexcusable content, unsavory attitudes are often more subtle so keep/fire decisions by brands aren’t black and white decisions.

  • Third, there is even blowback from terminating influencer relationships, making it more important to have a systematic approach to decision-making about which influencers make the cut and who creates too much brand risk.

Fama addresses these considerations with AI-powered algorithmic decision-making software.



Standard background reports can take 3-7 days to get you the information you need. Fama's solution harnesses machine learning and data science to get you what you need in under 24 hours so you can focus on the things that matter.

⚙️ Complete Customization

Unlike traditional background checks, Fama's AI is custom-built to match your business needs in working with influencers. The solution is tailored to look for the behaviors and information that matter to your team while applying a consistent screening criteria across the board.


Fama works with leading employment lawyers to build our technology in a way that respects user privacy while ensuring you don't miss a potential red flag. We ensure total FCRA, EEOC, and GDPR compliance to protect your employees and business.


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New technologies bring new legal questions. While social media monitoring has been in use for almost a decade, Fama worked with one of the nation’s top employment lawyers to get you the answers you need on the legality of social media screening.