Helping Your Business Prevent Brand Damage and Avoid People Risk

As a new wave of threats moves into the forefront of our society, centered around sexual harassment, bigotry, and other types of culture-based risk, the way we protect our company and our workforce has shifted as well.

Countless instances of toxic behavior are manifesting online in social media, news, and web results, which can often say more about the candidate than their interviews or criminal checks will reveal.

In fact, over 70% of employers now search for candidates online, and many others have looked to social media to understand who they’re hiring before they damage the business.

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But these are more than just numbers. Through our research and ongoing work with clients we’ve been able to develop a clear connection between online behaviors and offline risk. In fact, these behaviors can have steep financial and reputational costs that standard background checks will not help you prevent:

Traditional background checks miss countless warning signs
Boards are taking back money from toxic workplaces
Toxic hires cost enterprises over $1.2 million per year
Manual online screening costs millions each year to FCRA violations
Employees are damaging company brands well after they’re hired

…so what’s the key to removing risk from the organization?


Fama is a fully customizable AI-based solution that helps enterprises limit toxic behaviors like sexual harassment, workplace bullying, and insider threats.

By applying machine learning to public online content and internal HR data, we help you ensure that when it comes to hiring and brand risk, you don't miss a thing.


⚙️ Complete Customization

Unlike traditional background checks, Fama's AI is custom-built to match your business needs. The solution is tailored to look for the behaviors and information that matter to your team while applying a consistent screening criteria across the board.


Fama works with leading employment lawyers to build our technology in a way that respects user privacy while ensuring you don't miss a potential red flag. We ensure total FCRA, EEOC, and GDPR compliance to protect your employees and business.


Standard background reports can take 3-7 days to get you the information you need. Fama's solution harnesses machine learning and data science to get you what you need in under 24 hours so you can focus on the things that matter.


Pre-hire background checks and initial audits are helpful, but do little to mitigate risk in the long term. Fama’s solution allows you to schedule recurring, automated screenings based on department, seniority, or behavior to maintain low corporate risk.


Companies say Fama is 4x to 5x more efficient than what they had before.

“Fama checked out. We needed efficient and flawless, and we got it. Fama delivers in an easy-to-read format, with high-touch customer service and accurate results.” --CEO, On-Demand Company

“There's a lot of information out there—more and more every day. If you aren’t using Fama to help you, then you are going to be absolutely lost out there.” --SVP, Due Diligence

“The peace of mind alone is worth the cost. Being able to [know] that you've researched your candidates so that there are no surprises goes a really long way.” --VP, Executive Search


Ready for the future of talent screening?

Make Toxic Behavior A Thing Of the Past