Are traditional Background Checks Enough?

Background checks are essential for the trust and safety of a business, but is assessing criminal history truly enough to ensure you're doing all you can to prevent risk? A new wave of threats have moved into the forefront of our society, centered around cultural issues like sexual harassment, discrimination and other various types of people-based risk. As the standard for acceptable workplace behavior has changed, so must our screening methods to protect our employees. 


Complete Customization

While traditional background check's can offer little variance, Fama's AI is custom built to match your business needs and criteria. The solution will be tailored to only look for the things that matter to your team while ensuring full compliance.                   

Reports in Under 24 Hours

Standard background reports can take 3-7 days to get you the information you need. Fama's solution harnesses machine learning and data science to get you what you need in under 24 hours so you can focus on the things that matter.



Fama works with several of the nation's leading employment lawyers to build our technology in a way that respects user privacy while ensuring you don't miss out on a potential red flag. We ensure total FCRA and EEOC compliance to protect your business and employees.