Alcohol On An Entry-Level Job Candidate’s Social Media

It is no secret that the pictures people post from college tend to contain more pictures of alcohol and partying. While many companies give a bit more leeway for content from college, they do not ignore it altogether. What do you do if one of your candidates has a number of photos of excessive drinking and partying from college?


Current Employees and Cyberbullying

Employees are on social media more than ever. Interpreting interactions between employees on social media without context can be difficult but if your managers are bullying their direct reports online you need to know. What do you do if you come across a post that looks like cyberbullying?


Excessive Debt And Financially Motivated Internal Threats

Credit scores are often a failing indicator of relevant debt. They examine a person’s detailed credit history rather than the immediate circumstances that may drive a desperate, indebted employee to steal from a business. How can employers identify those situations where an employee may have their back against the wall, driven to do something drastic?


Screening Out Malicious Computer Hackers

Corporate data breaches have dominated the headlines over the past few years. While high-profile attacks typically originate far from your headquarters, many of these incidents involve trusted insiders that open the door for hackers. How do you identify those malicious insiders before it is too late?


Racist Tweets

Hiring managers are tasked with preventing bigots from entering the organization. However in today’s divided political climate, there is often disagreement about what certain comments say about an individual’s beliefs. What do you do if you one of your candidates made a post that you feel is inappropriate but you’re not sure if there are alternative interpretations?