Fama is an AI based solution that helps companies limit the incidence of sexual harassment in the workplace, and similar, crippling issues such as abusive behavior and insider threats. We do this by applying machine learning to publicly available online information and internal HR data. 

We help companies align their teams around the mission and values of the organization itself. We have seen first-hand how sexual harassment, abusive behavior, and insider threats can create a toxic workplace and damage the bottom line. We can solve this by applying AI to massive, unstructured data sets. Our mission is to create a more productive and welcoming workplace while ensuring that businesses are not exposed to unnecessary risk.

Fama's cloud-based software solutions are deployed globally, with enterprise customers in the Americas, EMEA and Asia. We are a venture backed startup in high-growth mode and are headquartered in Santa Monica, CA.


At Fama, we are a team of doers. We’ve adopted a “One Fama” mentality, emphasizing our strong belief in our company’s mission and values, and our commitment to eliminating paralyzing company risks that ultimately create toxic work environments for all parties involved. We firmly believe that any challenge is possible given the right mindset and resources. We also respect the power of technology and carefully consider the impact of our decisions. As a team, we value candor, empathy and communication which allows for a fast-paced and open working environment in which opinions are quickly voiced and mistakes are openly discussed without judgement.


This is a full time entry-level position within the operations team.  You will work closely with the Head of Operations.  Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Analyzing social media profiles and social media post content.

  • Conducting online investigations.

  • Performing quality assurance on completed reports.

  • Creating business rules, standards and procedures for product development.

  • Assisting in customer success and customer engagement.

Your work will have a high impact on the customer’s experience of the product and the product team will be relying on your observations for product improvement.

This is an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing startup. Fama is a close-knit company and you will have visibility into every aspect of the business.