Is the "human" element being taken out of human resources? The hiring process is evolving and becoming more sophisticated. HR departments the world over are finding that things like GPAs and references are relatively useless hiring criteria. How is this increasing complexity reflected?  According to a recent article in Parent Herald, "firms add more information to consider about candidates, [such as] surveys, work samples, social media posts, word choice and even facial expression." As hiring managers move beyond the resume, we have seen an increased importance in personality (perhaps just as much as ability and work skills). In the same vein, there is a huge increase in the importance of tools such as social media screening, which we believe paints one of the most accurate and detailed pictures of a candidate's personality and background.

More and more companies are turning to artificial intelligence for recruiting and evaluating candidates.

The idea of a creating a good "corporate culture" has never been more important. Even if its development is organic, companies place a premium on having a shared vision, values, and practices among their employees—and you can bet this impacts performance.

But there are consequences to the personality-driven hiring process. For one, it is subjective; it's left to the hiring manager to determine who is a good fit. Leaving this targeted personality matching up to a few people is inefficient, and leaves the door open for discrimination. This is where artificial intelligence comes in. More and more companies are turning to AI for recruiting and evaluating candidates. The same article in Parent Herald notes that many firms prefer using AI to help "assess work, skills and personality traits".

There is evidence to suggest AI makes hiring much less biased by removing the personal prejudices of managers. It may seem that the "human" element is disappearing from human resources, but we think it is evolving in an even stronger way. AI and algorithm-driven hiring gives us a more detailed, nuanced description of candidates' backgrounds. You can't build a cohesive corporate culture without a coherent knowledge of your employees' personalities. So while we may be losing the biases of the humans in HR, we are gaining a clearer picture of the humans getting hired.